Brian Cook Shand - Wee Man

Brian Cook Shand



A big factor in my pieces is where I work....


I founded Portsoy Pottery with Tom Burnett Stuart in 1971 and have been potter in residence ever since.  I’ve been very fortunate to have found Tom to work for - he has given me a free reign to make whatever I’ve been inspired too, believing that it will sell - he’s like a patron rather than an employer.


People are often envious of our location in the old harbour in Portsoy.  It doesn’t have to be idyllic sunny weather to give inspiration - it’s a special place when it’s stormy too - you know your place when you watch the power of the sea everyday.


When I make something that’s really good, then I sit with it and analyse how I can improve it...


I’ve never made a pot that I’m ashamed of...well, if I did it never made it to the kiln - it would have landed straight in the bin!  The distinctive “special” pieces that I make are all progressions that started with a simple idea and developed into being “something more”...

Collaborations with Fiona Duckett at Watergaw Ceramics...


Being with Fiona has made a difference to my work.... Someone on the same wavelength as you, but who looks at your product with different eyes, can put you on a different track with what you were doing with a piece - it helps to improve the question you were trying to resolve by making the piece in the first place...

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