Brian Cook Shand - Wee Man

Brian Cook Shand


Personal Pieces



Working beside the 17th Century Harbour at Portsoy means that I see many boats passing through - I particularly like the old sailing boats and capture this image for people to take home a memory of Portsoy.



These pieces were originally developed for Clay in Bloom in 2004...


...since then they have progressed further and now often have a gilt edging.



The proud rooster is a classic image with strong colouring - it lends itself to my palette of glazes and it is great to see the personality of each finally emerge form the kiln - each is an individual!



My recent hoolit pots started out in early 2008 whilst creating a pot for the annual Kindrogan award - the theme was “harry Potter” and so an owl was perfect!  I have now developed the image onto large jars with a modelled hoolit on top...

Porcelain Teapots


I really enjoy making teapots - over the years these have been in varying sizes and colours, with recent teapots mainly being made in porcelain so that they are translucent when held up to the light...

Rhodendron Bowl
Rhodendron Plate
Rhodendron Jar

Please click on each picture for larger view...

Brian Cook Shand Hoolit Jar
Brian Cook Shand Teapot Blue
Brian Cook Shand Teapot Red
Brian Cook Shand Hoolit Plate
Brian Cook Shand Rooster
Brian Cook Shand Rooster Clock
Brian Cook Shand Rooster Plate Blue
Brian Cook Shand Rooster Plate
Brian Cook Shand Teapot Peach
Brian Cook Shand Teapot Dark
Brian Book Shand Sail Boat Plate
Brian Cook Shand Sail Boat Plate
Brian Cook Shand Sail Boat Plate