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Brian Cook Shand

Brian Cook Shand Commemorative Plate

Portsoy Pottery Range


Dinner sets


Complete sets or single items available, including:

Dinner plates, side plates, cereal bowls and soup bowls.


A range of colours and designs are available...


Lamp bases + Bottles


Lamp bases and bottles are available in a range of shapes and sizes - let me know your requirement...


Salt Shakers


These novel pots are both practical as well as decorative.  The cone-shaped bottom allows you to fill the vessel with salt, but for it to only escape when you shake it (perfect with fish and chips!)


Generally I make orbs with knob handles, but there are some “specials” out there...


Mugs / Tankards


Mugs and tankards are available in various sizes, colours and designs.


Having experimented carefully, my tankards will hold an entire can of Guinness for those who believe in ‘waste not want not’.



I have often been asked to make commemorative pieces - if you would like something made for a special occasion then please come and see me at Portsoy to talk through your ideas...

Portsoy Dinner Set
Portsoy Salt Shaker

Serving Dishes


To complement the dinner set, or just on their own, I also make a range of large serving dishes, mixing bowls, bread crocks and utensil jars.

Portsoy Serving Utensils
Portsoy Mixing Bowl
Portsoy lamp base
Portsoy large jug
Brian Cook Shand Portsoy Mug

Please click on each picture for larger view...

Portsoy Mugs
Brian Cook Shand Commemorative Clock
Brian Cook Shand Commemorative Plate